Breakpoints give hooks for components and layouts to adapt and change in relation to the window size of the users device.

We use a mobile first approach to breakpoints, that means we use the min-width property for our media queries. This technique is used for applying basic layout styles first and then using breakpoints to adjust for wider screens.

Available Breakpoints

BreakpointStarts AtDefinitionDescription
0480pxmin-width: 30remSmaller screens like phones
1768pxmin-width: 48remMedium sized screens like tablets
21024pxmin-width: 64remLarge screens like laptops
31200pxmin-width: 75remLarger screens like a desktop monitor
41440pxmin-width: 90remWider screens

There are a few ways to use the breakpoints, for simpler responsive behaviors you can use them as an array of values inline like

My background changes color as you resize the window

Another option if you are writing more complex responsive behaviors you can access the breakpoints from the theme and use them a styled block

const ResponsiveBox = styled(Box)`
background: green;
// make the background red at breakpoint[0](480px)
@media (min-width ${({ theme }) => theme.breakpoints[0]}) {
background: red;
// make the background red at breakpoint[1](768x)
@media (min-width ${({ theme }) => theme.breakpoints[1]}) {
background: blue;