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About Malloy

Malloy is an experimental language for describing data relationships and transformations. It is an analytical language that runs on SQL databases. It provides the ability to define a semantic data model and query it. Malloy currently works with SQL databases BigQuery, Postgres, and DuckDB.

  • Queries compile to SQL, optimized for your database.

  • Has both a semantic data model and a query language. The semantic model contains reusable calculations and definitions, making queries short and readable.

  • Excels at reading and writing nested data sets.

  • Things that are complicated in SQL are simple to express in Malloy. For example: level of detail calculations, percent of total, aggregating against multiple tables across a join safely, date operations, reasonable ordering by default, and more.

Malloy is a work in progress. Malloy is designed to be a language for anyone who works with SQL--whether you’re an analyst, data scientist, data engineer, or someone building a data application. If you know SQL, Malloy will feel familiar, while more powerful and efficient. Malloy allows you to model as you go, so there is no heavy up-front work before you can start answering complex questions, and you're never held back or restricted by the model.

Try Malloy Today:

  • Learn the language with zero install using our entirely browser-based Malloy Fiddle.

  • Write Malloy in the Visual Studio Code extension: build semantic data models, query and transform data, and create simple visualizations and dashboards.

  • Build data applications with npm modules in javascript or typescript.

  • Explore data with the Malloy Composer, a demo of a data exploration application built on top of Malloy

Get involved:

  • Join our Slack community.

  • File feature requests/bugs, join discussions, or contribute to Malloy on our Repo.